Doctors with Disabilities

Here is a useful resource page for doctors living in the UK:

BMJ Careers
BMJ Careers have printed a Training & Working with Disabilities career focus information guide. This document has a collection of articles from a variety of sources. Email: for a copy.

Hope for Disabled Doctors - Help in Obtaining Professional Equality
Hope for Doctors was created by a doctor with a visual impairment. It was established to try to prevent others having to struggle for support, and to provide a sign-posting service direct to relevant services and advice.

British Medical Association
The BMA has a section on their website for health professionals with disabilities (Click Here) which includes a section on support, advice and self-help groups.

They have also produced the following document "Disability equality in the medical profession" which you can download as a pdf. Click here

Association of Disabled Professionals
The ADP was set up in 1971 to support disabled individuals and provide a forum to share both experiences and problems. You can find out more about ADP at the following link

You may also find of interest our Well Being pages

The Peninsula Deanery also offers Counselling, Mentoring and Coaching. Information regarding these services can be found by clicking here


  1. I never though about this stuff before! I'm agree with you

  2. These doctors with disabilities could be doctors as long as they could do their jobs well. There are disabled persons who could paint, sing and do a lot of other things, why not heal. nurofen

  3. These doctors with disabilities can always serve people despite their deficiencies. What is important is they could successfully do their job. If ever there are records that they do not perform well, that is the time when we need to check their performances. medical malpractice lawyers

  4. If you are covered by a private health insurance, I don't think you would accept service from such doctors but if you don't, I guess you have no choice. I guess these doctors need a capability exam to know if they are still capable of doing their job properly.

  5. We've discussed this once in our medical assistant training program. Our trainer asked as how we would deal with disabled doctors. I answered that I would still respect them but will always be alert if anything happens with them.

  6. I heard from some medical negligence lawyers that this could be another cause of improper health procedures and operations. If they are not capable of healing people then they should already stop.


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