Hiring people with disabilities: A scoping review

The following article was published in March 2016:

Gewurtz RE, Langan S, Shand D. Hiring people with disabilities: A scoping review. Work. 2016 Mar 9;54(1):135-48. doi: 10.3233/WOR-162265. PMID: 26967030.

Many people with disabilities continue to encounter challenges trying to secure employment.

The purpose of this study was to synthesize existent knowledge about the hiring process for people with disabilities and explore research priorities from the perspective of key stakeholders.

A scoping review of the literature related to hiring processes and practices as they relate to people with disabilities was undertaken. As part of the scoping review, seven key informant consultations were conducted in order to gain further insight into the key issues identified by those most involved in the hiring process for people with disabilities.

Findings from the literature and consultations revolve around seven inter-related topics: 1) regulations versus practice, 2) stigma, 3) disclosure, 4) accommodations, 5) relationship building and use of disability organizations,6) information and support to employers, and 7) hiring practices that invite people with disabilities.

Although barriers to employment for people with disabilities have been examined in the literature, there remains a paucity of literature examining and evaluating strategies to improve hiring practices and employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Future research must occur in consultation with key stakeholders including employers, people with disabilities, and employment support workers.

Employment support; disability accommodations; disability disclosure; hiring process; stigma

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