Disability etiquette: Enhancing sensitivity and awareness in your office

There is an informative webinar about disabilities on BrightTalk titled, "Disability etiquette: Enhancing sensitivity and awareness in your office"

The presenter is Nadine Vogel, Founder and President, Springboard Consulting LLC

People with disabilities offer tremendous value to employers. Unfortunately, however, many businesses struggle when it comes to speaking, working and socializing with this segment of the workforce.

Here is a brief description:

In our upcoming webinar, we’ll explore the disability awareness and policy issues that are challenging businesses today. We’ll also provide guidance, based on social justice laws and proven best practices, for ensuring proper etiquette in your office.

Topics covered include:

• The growing number of disabled people in the workforce and shifts in demographic trends
• The importance of creating a welcoming and inclusive work environment while building cultural dexterity as a company
• Recognizing, respecting and valuing the various segments of disability
• How to handle conflict management and confidentiality

Originally presented on Oct 25 2012

View the on-demand webinar here (free, but registration is required)

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