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All About Developmental Disabilities (formerly Atlanta Alliance on Developmental Disabilities) was founded in 1956 and has grown from a local, grassroots organization created by a group of concerned parents, to become the State of Georgia’s premiere provider of needed services, broad-based education, and effective advocacy for children, adults, and families living with developmental disabilities. We believe people with developmental disabilities, and their families, are among the most challenged and excluded people in society.

Each year, All About Developmental Disabilities serves several thousand people through a variety of programs addressing comprehensive family support, legislative advocacy, employment training and support, recreation, community education, and information and referral services. For more information about our programs, please visit our “Programs” menu.

Now in its sixth decade, AADD continues to build strong collaborative partnerships to increase public awareness of the substantial benefits of including persons with developmental disabilities in all aspects of life; and to promote needed changes in systems that will ensure that people living with developmental disabilities are heard and respected at every level of society.

For many of the people AADD helps to support, AADD means the difference between stability and homelessness; sickness and health; isolation and inclusion; discrimination and dignity.

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