Thank you WEGO Health for underwriting our Ning Plus network

We want to express our gratitude to WEGO Health for underwriting our Ning Plus network for one year. The Society of Healthcare Professionals with Disabilities currently uses Ning to manage our members-only network which currently includes over 85 members. We are still a young, small organization but we have active plans to grow so we can provide resources and support to the disability community.

Click here to join the Society of Healthcare Professionals with Disabilities.

Membership is complimentary and is open to healthcare professionals, friends, family members, and others who wish to support the disability community.  Join Now

You can learn more about WEGO Health by visiting


  1. Advocacy organizations such as Ning should be given a token of appreciation for their future plans and active projects in helping those with disabilities.

  2. That's right. They pave way for people to be healthy, informing them and guiding them with their health decisions.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed Ning's service, being a programmer myself who knows ho things work at the back end. Are they closing up?

  4. Great job, Ning Plus! You did wonderful in helping so many people. Here's to hoping you continue your philanthropic endeavors in the future.

  5. With this in action, many people would realize the importance of philanthropic organizations and how they give a light of hope to the world we live in.


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