Affordable health insurance for the disabled

Where can you find reasonable health insurance coverage if you have a disability?

The Affordable Care Act creates options and affordability

If you’re living with a disability, private health insurance may be hard to come by. Even if you can afford to buy it, it probably doesn’t cover all of your needs. Worrying about where to get coverage and the cost of your care is the last thing you want to do. The Affordable Care Act is expanding your options for health insurance and making them more affordable.

Starting as early as September 2010, job-based and new individual plans won’t be allowed to deny or exclude coverage to any child under age 19 based on a pre-existing condition, including a disability. Starting in 2014, these same plans won’t be able to exclude anyone from coverage or charge a higher premium for a pre-existing condition including a disability.

Starting as early as September 2010, insurance companies won’t be able to drop you if you get sick just because you made a mistake on your coverage application.

You may be able to join and get benefits from a voluntary, enrollment-based insurance program that will be available after October 2012 called the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLASS) Program. It will provide assistance to people who need help with daily activities. Under this voluntary program, you’ll get a cash allowance so you can get care and other supports to help you keep your independence.

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  1. Everyone should get health insurance. It is also important to check for the complete copy of benefits you will receive before you decide to purchase an insurance policy.


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